Enhance the appeal of your space with practical, yet artful solutions you can afford. You can decorate your own space using what you already have. By rearranging your furniture, lights and accessories, give your home or office a new-look while reflecting your personal style. Using placement over purchase you can create a living space that is beautiful, balanced and functional, featuring YOU, as the interior decorator.

Things To Know Before You Start

Everything doesn’t need to match.
Using different textures, patterns and colors from similar items, gives a room depth and dimension. Tie it all together with color. Not everything goes together, but you can mix and match pieces and place them artfully to make it look great.

Placement is everything.
Your primary goal is to design a usable, inviting space with a cozy conversation area based around a focal point.

Easy Do It Yourself DecoratingThe focal point of a room influences the arrangement of furniture. Once you have established a workable arrangement everything else will fall into place naturally. Less is more! Too many items in one space will create a cluttered feel and doesn’t show case what you want to be seen. You can place your favorite trinkets or collections anywhere in your home.

Let’s Get Started

It’s best to start with a blank slate. In the space you want to redesign move out as much as you can if you’ve already been using that space. Remove pictures from the walls, decorations, accessories, trinkets, table and floor lamps, baskets, plants, pillows, everything but the furniture you want to use. If there is furniture you know you won’t be using then move it out too. Place the items in a different room so you can “shop” from that space. Moving things out gives you a fresh look at your space.

Find the focal point!
Look for the most architectural element in the room, a fireplace, a group of windows with a nice view, an exposed brick wall and if you don’t have any of those elements, create your own focal wall. The room’s largest wall can become your focal point by what you put on or against it. Decorate Your Own Space

Remember you want to have the most impact from the entrance of the room so when you walk in or a guest does, it has a Wow Factor. Having a focal point also takes the focus off the less attractive features of the room.

How to create a focal wall?
You can create a focal wall with artful placement. An artistic grouping of pictures, wall art, a clock wall, large mirror, built in shelves or a shelf unit, a bright piece of furniture, or even bold printed curtains could be a part of your focal wall. Once you have decided where the focal point is within the room, design your room around it.   Decorate Your Own Space

Create balance in the room.
Artful placement creates visual movement and encourages our eyes to move around a room in an organized way. As you look around the room you want your eyes to be drawn up and down by the furniture, art, doors and windows because of the different heights, but you don’t want it to look like a roller coaster. Hang pictures and wall art at same levels. You don’t need something on every wall.

Love Where You LiveSo a room doesn’t feel lopsided or heavy on one side, balance a tall piece on one side of the room with another tall piece, and this goes for furniture size too. Make sure lamps and accessories are of similar height or size. Use pairs of like items. Pairs create harmony and establish visual rhythm in a room, giving it a cohesive feel, making a room feel more comfortable and relaxed.

It is all about equalizing the visual weight of objects. Don’t forget to look around in other rooms to find a piece that will help balance the room you’re working on. You will know when it feels right when you step back, look at it and say “That’s it!!” If you aren’t getting it, then take a break and come back later. Sometimes just doing that helps you to see what isn’t working right for you and why.

Where to place your accessories?Decorate Your Own Space
Before you place your favorite accessories make sure you have finished the placement of furniture, pictures and wall art. It’s like getting dressed, you wouldn’t put on a belt or a necklace before you put on your outfit. The way you decorate your home should reflect your interests, passions, style, and things you have collected over time.

The trick to accessorizing your space is to make it look intentional. Tie everything together with color. Pick a color or shades of that color from pictures or artwork in your space and use pops of that color around the room.

Decorate Your Own Space

You can also accessorize with pillows and throws in varying fabrics with your color or shades of the color. Blending different textures makes your space more interesting, adding dimension.

Place your accessories in groupings of odd numbers and vary the pieces according to size, color and direction. Place the largest item in the center with the smaller pieces on the sides. Less is more. Too many items on one surface will create a cluttered feel and doesn’t show off what you want to be seen. There is no need to showcase all your accessories in one room. If you have many collectibles you could place them thru the home grouping them together or switch them out for the seasons.

To wrap it up…..

The ultimate goal is LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE!

When you walk into your space and you’re impressed or when guests come into your space and it’s like an experience for them as they look around and enjoy the way you have artfully placed things, be proud of yourself. YOU have enhanced the appeal of your space with practical, yet artful solutions and created a living space that is beautiful, balanced and functional. To make simple changes that are budget friendly go to AMAZON.

I’d love to see your comments below and know what you would like to decorate.


  1. Thank you. I like your advice. I really agree with you about cluttering an area. I hate it. I like things to be spaced out and some of your images really hit what I like. I try to be artistic on my walls. It always brings a room to life. Can you do all this yourself pretty inexpensively?

    Ronnie Jordan
    1. Hi Ronnie. Thank you. I’m glad you liked the advice. I agree completely, being artistic on your walls definitely brings a room to life. Yes, you can do all of this inexpensively and yourself. Planning ahead is key. Looking at your room after you have placed it will help you know what you need to find to make your room pop and you won’t be buying anything that won’t work in that space. I keep notes of what I might like in a room and then when I see it on sale or within my budget, then I buy it. I hope you love where you live!! ~Therese

  2. Hello,
    Great website. I want to edit my apartment but I do not know how to start. Here I got some ideas, Thank you for that. I’m waiting for the next post and tips.
    All the best.

    1. Hi Maja. I’m glad you found some tips to help you know where to start. You know once you start in one room you’ll be making your entire apartment look great, it just kinda happens that way! Love where you live! ~Therese

  3. I love the idea of “shopping” the stuff I already own by placing it in another room. It is very true that odd numbers work. I use the same method in the kitchen when I’m plating up dishes (I’m a chef. lol) and when I’m making a floral arrangement as well. It’s funny how that always works. I love mixing textures and I think (fingers crossed) I’ve accomplished that pretty well in my living room. When I went furniture shopping for my new place I made sure to buy neutral colored pieces (but I did a velvety soft corduroyfabric) so that whenever I got bored with my living room I could always change it up with new couch pillows or a different colored throw. I’ve done the same with my lamp shades and it makes it so simple to change things up. Thanks for the inspiration you’ve given me for my bedroom!

    1. Hi Jennifer.
      I’ll bet your place is really cute and smells amazing at dinner time being a chef. I can’t wait to hear how your bedroom comes out. Love where you live. ~Therese

  4. What a beautiful, informative site! We’ve been in a rental temporarily for 2 years since we sold our last home (which was way too big). Your blog is going to come in very useful. Keep it coming.

    1. Thanks CT. I understand what it’s like to be in a temporary rental. We did the same while our house was being built. We downsized too, kinda, ha ha. Glad the info will be helpful. Love where you live, even in a temporary apartment!

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