I love the E-Joe Gadis Step Through Cruiser!! I had another type of E-bike and thought I loved it until I rode my sister’s E-Joe Gadis Step Through Cruiser on a ride with some good hills. I thought all E-bikes were the same. I WAS WRONG.

When I was riding “my other E bike” I was pedaling as hard as I could and using full throttle on the hills and I’m telling you I was ready to fall over. I thought, why is this so hard, there is no way I can go 5 more miles on my bike. Plus, my wrists were killing me and my hands were going numb. I couldn’t wait to end my ride and felt really disappointed.

My sister, on her E-Joe Gadis Step Through Cruiser, was completely enjoying her ride, except she had to wait for me at the top of each hill. She was whipping past me like she was an Olympic medalist in cycling, and here I was I trying to just breath and catch up to her. When I finally got to the top of the 4th hill, I told her I cannot go 5 more miles on this bike.


I thought about it and agreed to switch E-bikes. I really needed to know if it was my bike or me struggling. I took off on her E-Joe Gadis Step Through Cruiser and my first thought was, WOW, WOW, AND WOW! Then I was also thinking HOLY MOLY, this bike is so fast!! I left her in the dust so bad and now it was me waiting for her at the top of the hills. I also realized I have never been so comfortable riding a bike. The cruiser style was so different, but amazing.

I was at the top of that hill so excited about this E-bike I was jumping up and down and I could actually hear the song in the Rocky movie, you know, when he made it to the top of the steps(Gonna fly now) No kidding!!!!!

I knew then I had to have my own E-Joe Gadis Step Through Cruiser.

When my sister finally reached the top of the hill she said, I can’t go 5 more miles either. She told me all the things I was thinking and feeling riding “my
other E-bike.”
I was glad to know it was not just me and find out and experience, all E-bikes ARE NOT THE SAME.

As soon as I got home I ordered the vanilla beige E-Joe Gadis Step-Through Cruiser E-bike. It’s the best purchase I have ever made and every day I can’t wait to ride my bike, which is great when you want to live a healthy, active lifestyle. This E-bike motivates me just looking at it. It’s beautiful in the matte black or vanilla beige color.


I rode a mountain bike for years, since I was a kid, so that’s what I assumed I liked. On the cruiser, my weight was distributed more evenly and my wrists and hands weren’t going dumb from the pressure of my weight being distributed from my upper body forward on the handle bars. I sat more upright and it felt perfect. I ride for the exercise but also to be outdoors enjoying some fresh air and sunshine so I want to be comfortable on my E-bike.


  • Power And More Power….. One of the coolest things about the E-Joe Gadis Step Through Cruiser is that it has power and speed. It’s the right amount of power when you need it. There are different levels of pedal assist depending on the type of work out you want. The pedal assist flattens out any hill for an enjoyable ride. You can ride your E-bike with pedal assist OFF and just pedal like it’s a regular bike.
  • A Comfortable Enjoyable Bike Ride….. It has an upgraded seat, called the saddle, which is a little wider for more comfort than a typical mountain bike seat. The handlebar grips are upgraded too. It’s easy to reach the brakes even if you have shorter fingers, easy to shift, throttle or make level changes while riding. If you need a quick start, just press
    the throttle to help start you off when sitting at a light or crossing the
  • E-Joe Gadis Step Through Cruiser Is Value Priced….. This E-bike has alot to offer and great for exercise, outside fun or commuters.
  • Really Easy to Assemble….. The E-bike was shipped almost completley put together. All I had to do was install the handlebars, seat and pedals.
  • Easy To Read Display….. shows your speed, how many miles/km you’ve gone, as well as battery life and level of pedal assist.
  • A Clean, Integrated Sleek Look with electrical wires tucked inside.
  • It’s A Quiet Electric Bike….. You might be able to fool somebody if you take them on a bike ride and race.
  • Be More Visible….. There is a light on the front and back.
  • Carry Things Around….. It has a rack on the back to help.
  • A Simple Sounding Bicycle Bell….. It signals people to move over without being invasive. When I ring my bell people just turn their head and smile. Its like a warm fuzzy.
  • Custom Painted Fenders And A Chain Guard…..  to keep your clothes clean.
  • The Suspension Fork Makes A Difference….. when going over bumps, potholes or cracks in the street.
  • Charge The Battery On Or Off The Frame….. for your convenience. The battery has a key and is easy to remove and designed to slide out from the side.The battery life is amazing and can take you up to 45 miles on a single charge while charging your device on the go from the USB outlet.
  • THIS IS A BIG ONE…. Expect compliments on how sleek this E-bike looks.


  1. Some people have said, what’s the point of having an electric bike when you’re trying to get exercise? Believe me, you still get plenty of exercise riding an electric bike. You can pedal in the regular way you ride a bike or set the assist level at what you want. Having the option of pedal assist is great when you want to move faster or have steeper inclines or maybe you’re running out of steam and need a little help.
  2. The E-bike didn’t come with a manual, so I had to download one, I recommend you do that before assembling the bike.
  3. If you charge with the battery on the frame be careful because the port is very close to the left crank arm which could bend your charger connector.
  4. This bike is fast with zip and power. If you don’t want to go so fast you can turn down the top speed in the display settings.
  5. The display isn’t removable and doesn’t have a cover so it could get scratched.
  6. E Joe Gadis isn’t light but it’s also not heavy or awkward.
  7. Oh yeah and this….When making a turn on a cruiser keep the pedals at a parallel position to the road so the pedal doesn’t hit the road as you turn and buck you off. (Yes, I got bucked off my bike first ride out.)


Motor: 750W Peak Lightweight Rear Brushless Geared Hub Motor

Battery: 48V 11Ah LG 18650-Cells Lithium-Ion

Range: up to 45 miles (depending on terrain and rider’s weight)

Recharging Time: about 4-6 hours 

LCD Display: Battery Level, Pedal Assist Level, Speedometer

Pedal Assist System: Swipe Thumb Throttle Control and 5 Level Pedal Assist

Frame: 7020 Aluminum Alloy Frame Step-Thru Design

Tires: 26” x 1.95” Kenda Puncture-Resistant Tire

Seat: Selle Royal Plush Comfort Saddle

Brakes: Front/Rear: TEKTRO 160mm Rotor Disc Brakes

Gearing: 7-Speed Shimano Tourney Derailleur with Rapid Shifter

Weight: 54 lbs

Load Capacity: 350 lbs

Max Speed: 20mph

Electric Bike Class: Throttle on Demand (Class 2)

Colors: Midnight Black Matte or Vanilla Beige

I Hope This Review Has Been A Help To You…..

The E Joe Gadis Step Through Cruiser is a good looking bike, provides a great ride and you will look forward to getting on it as often as you can. It will meet every need you have or maybe dreamed of having in a bike and probably exceed your expectations. This E-bike is one of the best purchases
I’ve made and I highly recommend it for commuters, having fun or to enjoy exercising.

Your comments or questions are welcome below.

Happy Riding!


  1. I really enjoyed your review. Its not like what I typically see in a review, with all the boring stuff. It gave me a real deal viewpoint plus the important information. Thanks. I plan on buying this bike today and I can’t wait to ride it!

    1. Hi Mary. You are going to love this E-bike. Thanks for the comment. Your welcome to comment again after your E-bike arrives and let others know your personal review of the bike. Happy Trails.

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