If you struggle with how to select paint color, you are not alone. Painting is the fastest way to transform and freshen up any room in your space or the exterior of your home. A comment I hear most and why people hold off on painting is; they really don’t feel confident picking paint colors. There are so many beautiful colors to pick from; it’s hard to choose which one. 

You might be wondering what color will look the best, compliment the space and blend well with everything else you have going on. Learn how to select paint color so you pick the right color the first time, because your time, money and elbow grease are involved.

Let’s Start With This In Mind…

Make your new color work for you and not against you by picking colors in the same hue family as the pictures, furniture and accent pieces already in the room. Remember the cabinets, flooring, tile or brick colors too. This way the new color won’t clash with your existing furnishings. As you move forward to picking your colors, you will want to be clear whether you have cool or warm hues in the existing furnishings.

What are cool and warm hues?

Colors with yellow undertones seem warmer. 

Colors with blue or red undertones will appear cool.

Give the space an architectural element. 

Use a contrasting color on your trim, lighter or darker than the wall, and make it stand out.

For a model home look, it appears more cohesive if you use the same color thru the majority of your space…..

Like the living room, family room, dining room, office, kitchen, stairwells, foyers and hallways. You can accent a specific area with a different shade within the same color palette. Save the lively colors for a feature wall, bedrooms, play room, laundry rooms or craft rooms.

You can’t go wrong with neutrals.

Maybe you’re unsure of what color to paint, but want to update a look or you’re getting your home ready to sell, it’s always okay to go with neutral colors. When you paint a room a neutral color you can pop color in that space in many ways, thru furniture pieces, accessories, art on the wall, pillows, rugs, curtains or throws. But remember, even though white is neutral, there are other options to cozy up a space and not use white paint. Beautiful tans and grays are also considered neutral and look amazing.

Bring home paint swatches you like best.

Don’t be afraid to grab quite a few, then tape it to the walls you want to paint. Look at your swatch at different times of the day. The lighting changes throughout the day. You might want to hold the swatch up next to curtains or the furniture to make sure the shade you have chosen blends well with the entire room and the furnishings.

Play it safe if you’re nervous.

Paint one wall and see how you like it for a few days. But only buy enough mixed paint for that one wall so you don’t end up with cans of mixed paint you can’t return.

Is “Paint Shock” real?

After you have finally made a decision to paint and feel good about your paint color and start painting don’t be surprised, when you look at it, if you have “Paint Shock”. I’ve had it happen to me. I knew what color I wanted thru my entire home except the bedrooms. I saw the color in a model home which I visited for months and LOVED IT. I even took paint swatches to the model home to make sure I was matching the color perfectly. I couldn’t wait to paint my new color.

My daughter and I started to paint my white walls and when we were almost finished with the first room I started to flip out, like oh no, what have I done? I was in total “Paint Shock”. She says, Mom, just keep going, you know you like the color. So we kept painting and by the time I finished the main floor, I was in love with my new color. We kept that color for 12 years and everybody who came into my home loved it too. I just like to let people know, “Paint Shock” happens.

Exterior Painting

When painting the exterior of your home, make sure to take into consideration you want your new color scheme to blend well with your brick or stone and the color of your shingles on the roof.

Here is an important tip….

For exterior painting, I highly recommend buying sample sizes of your paint colors and painting them on your garage door in a 2 ft. by 2 ft. section, next to your brick or rock. Sometimes the color you might love will look different in natural light, much brighter than expected. You might think you have chosen a grey color scheme and it appears more blue in natural light. Or a green color can end up looking like a lime color. Applying sample colors is easy to do and worth it financially to be sure its the desired look you want.

Paint the trim and doors a different color than the body of your home.

You really do not want to paint your house exterior all one color. If you are already spending the money to paint the exterior of your home, make it look great and add some curb appeal.

Using more than one color doesn’t increase the cost of paint. Its the same.

If there is an area for an accent color, paint that a complimentary color too. Love where you live by starting with the outside of your home.

Sherwin Williams is a great resource for choosing color schemes that go well together. They make it easy. Even if you don’t live in a neighborhood with a Homeowners Association you can use their color scheme ideas to find a perfect color for the exterior of your home.


Let’s Wrap It Up

Learning how to select paint color, before you buy paint, is smart. Painting is an investment of work, money and time, so think it thru before you go buy your paint and ask someone you trust who has good taste, what they think too.

Painting is the fastest way to transform and freshen up your space or the exterior of your home. Find colors that complement the space and blend well with everything else you have going on and then PAINT.

Buy your paint, its best to buy paint with primer in it, get all your supplies together, move stuff out of the way, put on some great music and have a painting party.

Let me know how it comes out, I love to hear your stories.

Love Where You Live! 

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