The perfect space to live or work in would most likely be a space that makes you feel good when you’re in it. It looks neat and tidy, not at all cluttered, and everything is placed in the most convenient spot. A place where you could always find what you were looking for. It’s easy to be there, it’s not distracting, it’s orderly, it’s relaxing, because the order simply makes things easier and life better. Sounds wonderful, huh?

Organize Your Space

You know, this is actually possible. Many of us are on an organizational journey and many are asking how to organize your space. Why be organized? How do I stay organized and how does it improve my life? For myself, I am always trying to be better at organizing my own space. I love passing on ideas and learning more tips on how you organize your space.

How Being Organized Improves Your Life?


Being able to find what you need when you need it saves time. Time is valuable, we can’t get back one second in life, so why waste it looking for stuff when we don’t have to. It’s easier to live life organized and stay on top of being organized than to have to spend the time de-cluttering and reorganizing. It’s easier to put something away as you are walking by than to end up with a pile that takes a lot more time to put away. Makes life more convenient. 


When you can find the item you’re looking for you don’t need to go buy another one and waste money on something you’re pretty sure you already have, if you could find it. Or the time it takes to go buy what you already think you have, if you could find it. Living organized is a win-win situation. AMAZON can help you save money getting organized.


Peace of mind is priceless. De-cluttering or getting organized helps de-stress. The frustration of trying to find things is over when we get organized and live from that place. There is something that happens when you go through your things, cleaning, getting rid of stuff you no longer need or want and then,  putting it back together in an orderly manner that makes life easier. It just makes us feel better, like a weight comes off or maybe that we have better control of our life again. 


If you’re short on space or need to make room for something else, start with de-cluttering and organizing. You might find that after you organize you don’t really need that big old ugly cabinet in the garage anymore and you can pull your car inside, just a thought. 


Providing an organized home and showing your kids how to be organized with their space will affect them as adults in their own homes, career and life. You are giving them a leg up in life. Plus, it’s an opportunity to build confidence as they help take care of things they own.


Decorate Your Own Space

You might not have vacuumed or dusted for a week or two but when things are put away it just appears clean. My friends would come over and say, your house always looks so clean. I would say, thank you. But I realized my space looked clean just because I had a great habit of putting stuff away. 

How Do I Get Organized?


You will need something to put your stuff in when you sort thru the items. Name the sorting containers or boxes, Other Room, Trash, Donate, Sell, and Bless Someone.


Sorting thru your stuff helps you see what you actually have. Putting like things together helps you know where it will all fit when you find its permanent place. The items that stay in the room you are de-cluttering and organizing can go on a table or counter while you are sorting.


If you realize you haven’t used something in forever sell it, bless somebody with it or donate it. If it’s trash, throw it out. If you have something that brings up a bad memory when you see it, make it disappear, not just move it to another spot in your space but release that thing. It’s freeing to get rid of access stuff.


One reason things pile up on counters, tables, stairs and floors is that they have no specific place to be stored. Think about the room and ease of use. Storing items in the room where they are used helps make sure they get put away when you’re finished. It works out best to store similar items together. If it’s something you use frequently make sure the storage place is easy to get to, convenience matters.

I love labeling containers. It makes it easy for you and others who use the same space to find things, but also to put things away. I use blank white shipping labels. I don’t write on the actual container because sometimes I change the use for that container. Also, using clear plastic containers to separate items helps you see into the container and find things quickly. It’s also fun to use and see attractive containers in a closet you open all the time.


Promise yourself to go thru it every week and put things away faithfully so you keep your organized status. If you have a spouse that is not tidy make sure they have their own junk drawer. Let them do whatever they want with their drawer and keep your mouth shut. Eventually they get sick of it being packed so full that nothing else fits and they go thru it. Plus, then you kind of know where to find something of theirs if you needed a place to start. Unfortunately, it took me years to figure this out.


Dance, sing and have fun de-cluttering and organizing your space and ultimately your life, because it will be life changing to live from an advantage of being organized.

How Do I Stay Organized?

  • create a habit of tidying up every day

    It takes a minute of your time compared to all the time and effort you put into getting organized. When I find something that belongs in a room upstairs I put the item at the side of the stair and as I am walking up next time I take it with me. Typically, you are walking by the place something is kept, so put it away really quick. And teach your family the same thing.

  • No more mail clutter

    After you pick it up and go thru it right away. Put your bills or important mail in your designated location for important documents and throw out any junk mail. It takes less than 3 minutes even if you waited a week to pick up your mail.

  • What to do with your kid’s artwork?

    Organize Your SpaceIf you don’t want to look at all of your kid’s artwork on the refrigerator at the same time, create a special folder for it. Let them pick out the special folder and tell them what it’s for. After a week of viewing the beautiful masterpieces put them in their special folder for the current masterpiece to be viewed. When the folder is full, weed thru it when they aren’t looking and keep your favorites, and put the rest in a keepsakes box for when they are older.

To Wrap It All Up…..

Take back control of your space. Spend time doing what you love instead of moving stuff to look for stuff. Your days of feeling overwhelmed from stuff all over can end beginning today. It’s easier to stay on top of being organized than to have to spend the time de-cluttering and reorganizing. It doesn’t have to be perfect, do what works best for you and make your life easier.  AND REMEMBER….EVERYTHING HAS A PLACE AND THERE IS A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING!!!!

Let Me Know How You Organize And What Tips You Might Use.

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