I hope DecorateOurLives.com will bless you and give insight to things you can do to decorate your space and decorate your life. Showing you how to love where you live, at home, work or play, using what you already have.


I have been decorating and redesigning rooms since I was a little girl. I think it all started when I was bored from being sent to a time out corner. My brother, who is 13 months younger than me and my first best friend, would drive my mom nuts arguing with me about the stupidest stuff.

We must have been slow learners because we sat in time out ALOT. Little did my parents know, they were birthing a decorator in those time out moments. To help pass the time I would be laying on the floor redesigning the room on the ceiling in my mind. Some kids cry in time out, some kids chew their nails, others tap their feet on the wall or floor…. I redesigned and decorated with what was already in the room.

As I grew up I would dream about my own place and how it would be decorated. Finally, I was living in my own older apartment and it had old, ugly, long, yellow-gold shag carpet. I had hand me down everything, because that’s all I could afford. One day my mom came to visit me and as she looked around she said something that has stuck with me since. She said, “Therese, you could make mud look good.” I felt so proud of myself and she boosted my confidence that day more than she knows.

In time, friends would ask if I could help them with their homes and then others to set up their book shops, flower shops, many counseling offices, administrative offices, executive offices, a TV studio which was worldwide, children’s and youth ministries, grand foyers and administrative entrances, staff lounges, and of course homes, smaller homes to very high end homes. Then it became decorating for events and holidays, it’s been quite the decorating journey.

The one common thread for the majority of the decorating is; I used what they already had. Sometimes it would look like we had nothing to work with whether it was an apartment, home, office or a flower shop. They had a tight budget or no budget and we used what they had. I call it artful placement. By moving things around, re purposing items and placing them artfully we could make a space look amazing.


I know I have a gift to share as far as decorating and using what you already have. Most of us are budget conscious. You can change the look of your space in a day with no cost. I want to build your confidence the same way my mom did mine. I want you to believe you could make mud look good too! My goal is to help you create a space that you love to live in.

It would be great to hear your comments or ideas, if you have questions, ask away, I’ll do my best to answer them.

Love Where You Live~




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