If you’re thinking of painting but not sure it will really make that big of a difference for the time you put into the project…. Let me show you what the difference could be. You can probably already tell I LOVE PAINT and what it does for a space or furniture piece. I’ll paint anything and that’s because you can change the entire look of a room and see the pay off fast. You can paint an old worn out dresser and make it modern again or paint accessories and create a cohesive feel within your space. To answer the question……. does painting really make a difference, YES IT DOES! I HAVE PICTURES TO PROVE IT.

5 Reasons Painting Is Worth It

# 1 love WHERE You LIVE

If adding color or changing an old color on your walls, creating a fresh new look or a coziness in your space, just makes you happy thinking about it…. then PAINT. It’s worth it. Whether its at home, your office or maybe your garage, make your space look and feel great.

# 2 we need HARMONY AND UNITY 

Lets say you have a mish mash of accessories and its eclectic for sure, but kind of a hot mess too, it’s worth it to paint some of your accessories or pieces of furniture. You can pull the look together with a cohesive color or two. You’ll wonder why you waited so long.


It’s worth it if you want to add a pop of color, but not paint the entire space, just paint some focal walls. What’s great about a focal wall is it’s a quick way to make a simple, easy change that makes a statement without all the work and time as painting an entire room. You may end up loving the color so much that you go ahead and paint the whole room the same color. That’s what happened to me. SIDE NOTE: Typically one focal wall per room or it’s not really a focal point.

# 4 set the stage on the inside

It’s always a good idea and it’s worth it to keep the interior paint color of your home and business current with the times. SIDE NOTE: Dated paint color speaks louder than you think.


If you are in the market to sell your home, a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your house is worth it, especially if you are painting it a modern, but classic color that will increase the value of your home by giving it curb appeal. If you are staying put, loving where you live is a perfect reason to paint the exterior of your home. One of my favorite things is my house being painted a new color. Paint actually protects your wood and wood siding and keeps your home looking great. SIDE NOTE: With exterior paint, staying cohesive to theme of the neighborhood is the best way to go. AND its better to go with a color theme that has been pre-selected by experts rather than putting what you think matches well together. This way the hue of your colors go together perfectly.

Can Anybody Paint?

Almost anybody can paint if you have the time. If you don’t think you have a steady hand, you can still paint. You just need to take a bit more time to prep your space with drop clothes, taping off or caulking. Most painters do it that anyway, so they don’t make a mess or get paint on things they don’t want painted and they’re professionals. So even if you are not an experienced painter, you will sure look like one prepping your space. The more you paint the better you get. If you don’t have the time or energy to paint walls, then just hire somebody who has credibility within your community as a good painter. I use neighborhoods Apps all the time to find quality workers for things I cannot do or things I might want to refinish and make great again.

One Day Paint Transformation

You can see the warm grey color warms up the room and makes the furniture and accessories show up better too. It’s so cozy now.

bedroom corner paint difference

Since painting the walls, you can really see the chair and the color compliments the picture too.

vent paint or not

Adding the color makes the white trim pop and adds some dimension.

Notice that I painted the air duct vent up top. It stood out way to much so I painted it. In person it’s a smooth transition and not looking up and OH, THERE’S A WHITE VENT. Not anymore!!! You know, I will paint over an electrical socket that is in an odd place where you can’t cover it with furniture. I actually did that at the entrance of this bedroom. You can do anything you want to your own house.


kitchen before and after

My daughter Mary painted her walls, which were a dated tan, and then she painted her cabinets white and her cabinet hardware black. It is a stunning difference. She took that kitchen from old and kinda dreary to modern and current. It looks and feels way bigger in there too. I’m a proud Momma.

I told you I would paint anything…LOOK

as you are trying to decide if painting really makes a difference check this out.

My daughter Mary and I were running around one day and found this old pinkish dresser (Sorry its so fuzzy, its an image that was close to the one I found. I’m horrible about remembering to take my before shots.) This dresser would be the perfect size for my guest room and look at it, I had nothing to lose painting and redesigning it. I painted it, did a crackle glaze on the body, then cut wood, stained it and glued it on the top, and added new fun knobs. It came out great! I LOVE IT. IT WAS WORTH IT!

To Wrap It All Up…..

To answer the question, does painting really make a difference, YES!!!  Loving where you live might start with painting your space, maybe updating furniture or creating a cohesive theme painting accessories. It feels great to liven up your space again. If you’ve decided you’re going to go for it then check out my post on How To Select Paint Color ~ With Confidence.

Remember this, HAVE FUN WITH IT, make a list of what you need, buy your supplies and then pick a day when you feel like painting, put on some good music and have a painting party even if you’re by yourself.

I would love to hear what you’ve painted that made a wonderful difference. Go ahead and comment below.

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